• Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Tension relief
  • Relaxation
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What you can expect

Before we commence treatment, we first ascertain and create a record of your general health and condition including any specific concerns. With your agreement, we then formulate and embark upon a treatment program that traces and treats the causes of specific health problems, not just the symptoms.

We encourage relaxation and deep breathing during treatment, and engage in constant communication and feedback to guide the course and direction of the treatment for optimum results. Calming background music accompanies each treatment session.

We monitor progress at every session and fine-tune the program progressively for optimum benefit. Records are updated at the end of each session.

Maintaining a hygienic environment and our clients’ privacy are very important. Our treatment room and adjacent areas are cleaned at the start of each working day. Towels are used once only and replaced at the end of each session. A bathroom is available adjacent to the treatment room.

Treatment for Arthritis